The Diocese of Trenton Celebration of the Traditional Latin Mass

General Questions on the Extraordinary Form
The Solemn High Mass
The Solemn High Pontifical Mass
Priest Facing the Altar (Ad Orientem)
Sacred Silence and Active Participation
The Asperges Me (Sprinkling Rite)
Holy Communion
What are all of the different levels of celebration for the Extraordinary Form?

There are three levels of celebration in the Traditional Latin Mass. First, there is the Low Mass. This is a Mass where the priest says all the prayers without singing and is only assisted by one or two servers. This option is the most common level of the Traditional Latin Mass. Second, there is High Mass also known as a Sung Mass (Missa Cantata) where the parts that are said aloud in the Low Mass are sung by the priest and the choir. Lastly, there is the Solemn High Mass where the spoken parts are sung and the Celebrant  is assisted by two other sacred ministers: the Deacon and the Subdeacon.