The Diocese of Trenton Celebration of the Traditional Latin Mass

General Questions on the Extraordinary Form
The Solemn High Mass
The Solemn High Pontifical Mass
Priest Facing the Altar (Ad Orientem)
Sacred Silence and Active Participation
The Asperges Me (Sprinkling Rite)
Holy Communion
What is confession?

Also known as the Sacrament of Penance, it is the sacrament by which a baptized person is restored to the life of grace after they have committed sin. It requires a validly ordained priest with faculties (except in some exceptional circumstances) and a penitent who has sorrow for their sins and states all their grave sins of which they are aware. The priest then gives a penance (which is usually some prayers) to be done after the confession. The penitent then makes the act of contrition and the priest absolves the penitent of their sin.